What Accidents are a Property Owner Responsible For?

Most people know that accidents on publicly-accessible property might be the responsibility of the property owner if the property is unsafe. However, this same rule also applies to private property. Any property owner might assume what is called “premises liability,” and might be held responsible for accidents that result in injuries of other people on the property. These accidents can take many forms, and can cause varying levels of injury to innocent people, who may have recourse to legal action.

Common Accidents

Lots of different premises liability accidents occur in the United States every year, some on a regular basis. Some of the most common premises liability accidents involve a property owner’s negligence that leads to the following:

All of these accidents are common causes of premises liability cases, and often involve innocent people. They might be facing more than just physical injury; they could also be involved in financial difficulties resulting from paying for these injuries. Property owners may be held financially accountable for these consequences.

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Property owners have to assume responsibility over the conditions of their property. This means that they cannot allow their property to become unsafe for others to visit or use. If a property owner fails to keep his or her property safe and you are injured as a result, then you could be entitled to financial compensation. Contact the qualified Austin premises liability attorneys of the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. today by calling (512) 710-0931 to learn more about claiming this compensation.