Dangerous Dog Bite Injuries

Few people consistently expect to be or fear being attacked by a dog, but sadly, this happens to thousands of people annually across the United States. While there are instances in which a person can provoke a dog, making them responsible for the ensuing repercussions, far too often the victim is an innocent passerby who suffers consequences due to a negligent dog owner. Unfortunately, when this happens, victims can sustain a range of serious injuries.

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5 Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog attack injuries vary, in both their nature and their severity. However, some rather common serious dog bite injuries include:

  • Laceration / Blood Loss
  • Bruising / Contusions
  • Broken Bones / Fractures
  • Infection / Illness
  • Rabies

Any one of these injuries could pose serious health threats to someone who is attacked by a dog. Sadly, many of them could simply be prevented if dog owners took more responsibility for the behavior of their pets.

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Some dog owners, unfortunately, are not careful to protect people from dangerous behaviors of their dogs, and innocent people suffer injuries regularly from dog attacks. If this has happened to you and you want to hold that dog owner accountable for his or her negligence, contact an Austin dog bite attorney at the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C., today at (512) 710-0931.