Tips For a Safe Halloween in Texas

Halloween is a dream night for children, but

it can be a nightmare for drivers and parents trying to keep children safe. This Halloween, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that little ones and everyone makes it home safely.

Drive Slowly

trick or treaters

On Halloween night, it’s best to drive more slowly than usual, even if that means driving under the speed limit. That’s because there’s a higher than usual chance of unexpected obstacles moving into the roadway in front of your vehicle. A small child might break away from its parent to run across the street or a group of teenagers may dart in front of the car in a bid to meet some friends on the other side. You never know what might happen. The slower you drive, the more time you’ll have to react.

Drive Sober

Statistics by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration show that nearly 50% of fatal crashes on Halloween involve alcohol. With this in mind, don’t get behind the wheel if you are driving afterward. Have a designated sober driver or call an Uber or Lyft if you need to get to your destination.

Bring a Flashlight

If you’ll be out walking around on Halloween in Texas, be sure to bring along a flashlight. Motorists already have hindered vision when driving at night, in addition to the fact that the end of October often brings foggy evenings, which reduces visibility even more. A flashlight and perhaps some reflective apparel will help to make your presence more obvious to passing motor vehicles.

Use Crosswalks Properly

Avoid crossing at random spots along the roadway. If you cross at the crosswalks, you’ll be able to take advantage of stop signs and traffic lights to help ensure a safe crossing. Randomly darting into the road can surprise drivers, which could put you and others at risk for accidents or injuries. As your personal injury attorney can tell you, children are more than twice as likely to get injured by vehicles on Halloween than any other night of the year.

Stay in the Neighborhood

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Halloween and wander into unknown areas in order to get the best treats. Try to stay in your own neighborhood where you know the landmarks and roads and can easily make your way home at night.

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