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Do Car Accidents Cause PTSD?


When you hear about injuries sustained in car accidents, most likely, physical injuries come in mind. However, about 9% of accident victims will also develop PTSD after a car crash. This is a very serious matter that may require more than merely medical attention. Unfortunately, in many cases, your insurance company won't give you the proper compensation you need to deal with this issue.

If your insurance company has recently denied your claim, you don't have to take no for an answer. A personal injury attorney will know how to ensure you receive compensation to heal from your emotional wounds.

How Do Car Accidents Cause Emotional Injuries?

While they are not surface-level, PTSD and other emotional injuries are very real to car accident victims. People who suffer from this disorder often exhibit symptoms such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of helplessness and worthlessness. This can make it difficult to return to work, run errands, and do the things that they did prior to the accident.

People who develop PTSD following a car accident may also be struggling with the lingering effects of their physical injuries. These can include pain, decreased mobility, and other issues. These symptoms of physical pain can serve as constant reminders of their accident. They can also serve as triggers that can cause a person to suffer a PTSD flare-up.

Why Would Your Insurance Company Reject Your Claim?

Insurance companies have always been very skeptical when it comes to PTSD claims. Their main argument is that this is simply a tactic that is used to inflate the amount of the claim that you are filing. Your insurance adjuster will look for any reason to dispute your claim, especially if you happen to have a preexisting medical issue.

They may try to offer you an insultingly small settlement or even none at all. Your personal injury attorney, however, will work as your legal advocate to ensure your rights to this compensation are not overlooked.

How Can an Austin Personal Injury Attorney Help You?

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced and aggressive Austin personal injury attorney from our firm. We can help you gather up all of the evidence you need to prove that your claim is legitimate.

Getting full compensation amounts, including for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional injuries can be difficult on your own. The attorneys at Law Office of Vic Feazell will back you through every step of the legal process until you receive the full amount that you are due. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do on your behalf.

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