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Recent Posts in March, 2012

  • Design Defect Claims

    Design Defect Claims
    At the very least, consumers expect that the products they purchase will operate safely and as intended. Unfortunately, some companies allow products ...
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  • Defective Vehicle Claims

    Defective Vehicle Claims
    When a vehicle of any type rolls off of the assembly line, customers have every reason to expect that vehicle to be in excellent working order. ...
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  • Dangers of Porch Collapse

    Dangers of Porch Collapse
    As the responsibility of Austin property owners, the premises of Austin homes, businesses, and apartment complexes must be properly maintained in ...
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  • Dangers of a Delayed Diagnosis

    Dangers of a Delayed Diagnosis
    When a person is suffering from a physical ailment, he or she will likely go to the doctor or to a hospital to get the appropriate medical advice and ...
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  • Dangers Near Construction Zones

    Dangers Near Construction Zones
    Many construction projects are being conducted on a daily basis as more and more people move to Austin weekly, creating a need for bigger roads and ...
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