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Tips For a Safe Halloween in Texas

child dressed as a magician holding the hand of a child dressed as a witch walking up to the front door of a house

5 Tips for Texans on Halloween

Halloween is a childhood favorite for people around the world, but many things could be done to improve the roadway safety of this holiday. No matter how you plan to celebrate, keep these tips in mind to ensure everyone makes it home safely.

What Drivers Can Do

Since pedestrian traffic is so heavy on Halloween, motorists must be prepared to drive with caution throughout the night. Here are two of the easiest choices you can make:

1. Slow Down

One of your safest bets is to decrease your speed in areas that are popular or have high pedestrian traffic. Doing so allows you more time to react to unexpected obstacles, like a child running into the street. You may also want to allow extra distance between cars, in case the driver in front of you has to slam on the brakes.

2. Don’t Drink and Drive

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 40% of crashes on Halloween involve an impaired driver. If you choose to go to a costume party on this night and consume alcohol, be sure to plan ahead and designate a sober driver or call a rideshare service.

What Pedestrians Can Do

Trick-or-treating families on this night share the responsibility of keeping the roadway safe. Here are three things your family can do to help with that:

1. Increase Visibility By Using a Flashlight

Rural areas of Texas can be extremely dark or foggy during this time of year, so bringing a flashlight with you is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you and your child can be seen by a driver. You may also want to add reflective patches/stickers to your costumes to increase visibility.

2. Teach Children to Use Crosswalks Properly

The National Safety Council estimates that a child's risk of being killed by a motorist is more than twice as high on Halloween than any other night. Considering this, it's crucial to teach your child that the safest place to cross the street is at a designated crosswalk or intersection with traffic signals. Most drivers know to slow down when approaching these areas, and it increases the likelihood that you will be seen when crossing.

3. Plan Out Your Route

It's always safest to trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood where you know the landmarks and street names. However, if you partner with friends on this night and choose to go somewhere else, plan your route ahead of time. This helps you become more familiar with the area and allows you to designate a spot to meet up if anyone gets separated.

Your family's safety is important, and when a negligent driver causes you harm on Halloween or any other night, know that you have a right to pursue justice. Our Austin attorneys are available 24/7 for free consultations, so call (254) 938-6885 to speak with a member of our team.