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GM Asks for Protection Against Vehicle Recall Lawsuits


General Motors Co. has filed a motion that would impose a bar on lawsuits that seek to hold GM responsible for ignition switch defects in automobiles that were sold and manufactured before the company’s 2009 bankruptcy.

According to GM, the company’s 2009 bankruptcy filing essentially created a “New GM,” and that this new entity is not liable for incidents in vehicles sold prior to the end of the company’s bankruptcy. However, the motion did not discuss lawsuits filed because of personal injury or wrongful death.

The defective ignition switch in discussion in these suits allegedly caused accidents in GM vehicles that led to at least 13 deaths – 12 in the United States and one in Canada – and the recall of at least 2.6 million automobiles.

GM officials previously declared that the company is making a commitment towards replacing the faulty ignition switches, because the company knows its “civil and legal obligations relating to injuries.”

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