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Attorney Feazell Represents Family Seeking Damages After K9 Attacks Child


While dogs have been called man’s best friend, they can also be tremendously dangerous. At the best of times, you can never be sure if a dog will snap and even trained animals have been known to attack. In fact, sometimes the training a dog receives may actually make them more prone to aggression. This is a lesson that a Waco family learned the hard way when Ace, a police dog trained in drug detection, lashed out, injuring a small boy.

The incident occurred when Ace was kenneled in the absence of his handler. Adrian Bustillos, the handler’s son, was able to access Ace’s cage and let him out. Unfortunately, Ace became violent during the encounter and attacked, leaving a gash across the boy’s forehead. Attorney Vic Feazell, P.C. became involved in the case shortly afterward.

Of special importance to this case is that Ace, a Belgian Malinois, has a known history of mistreatment, abuse, and violent outbursts. It was discovered that an officer involved in his training subjected the dog to abusive behavior including firing cap pistol in the dog's face. Ace also has a history of violence, biting an officer on at least one occasion. The Sheriff’s Office has acknowledged these events.

Attorney Feazell has expressed that he believes this issue is one that can still be settled outside of the courtroom but is ready to provide aggressive representation should litigation become necessary. We here at the Law Offices of Vic Feazell will continue to work tirelessly to see that our client is treated fairly and receives adequate compensation for their damages.

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