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Don’t Ignore These Injury Signs After an Accident

person in pain

Car accidents happen every day and range greatly in type and severity. While some are serious and involve multiple vehicles, a majority are relatively minor. At least, that’s what they look like from the surface.

Even something that is perceived as a simple fender can cause internal damage to your car and internal injuries to individuals involved in the accident. In many cases of minor accidents, individuals don’t believe they need medical attention or don’t want to cause a fuss.

The fact is that some injuries have delayed symptoms. Here are some signs to look out for after an accident that could be the result of an injury you sustained.


Think you’re just having another one of those bad migraines? Headaches are actually one of the most common symptoms after an accident and one that often dismissed overlooked. Headaches are common symptoms of other things like migraines or stress, so some individuals may not connect their headaches to car accidents. This could mean bruising, swelling or damage to the brain tissue.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

This could be a symptom of whiplash, one of the most common injuries sustained in accidents, especially when it comes to fender benders. You should immediately see a doctor if you experience this type of pain, as it could also point to a spinal injury.

Back Pain

This could be the result of a number of various injuries ranging from a sprain to a herniated disc, a soft tissue injury, a spinal injury, or whiplash. Immediately seek medical attention if you are experiencing any sort of back pain after an accident.


Whiplash can also show symptoms of numbness in your hands and arms. This is caused by damage to the nerves of the spinal column that results from a sudden and intense jerk to the body, such as one caused by a car accident.

Should I Always See a Doctor After an Accident?

Because some signs of injury can be delayed, it is imperative to always seek immediate medical attention after an accident. No matter how minor you believe the accident to have been, you could have suffered an injury that did not immediate shows signs.

If you wait a period of time before getting a medical diagnosis, the insurance company may try to claim that your injuries were actually not sustained in the accident, leaving you with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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