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Why Photos Are Essential to Your Car Accident Claim


Many of us know that the steps we take after a car accident are absolutely critical. Taking the right steps can help protect our safety as well as our legal rights in the future.

Your first priorities should be checking your injuries, checking the injuries or others involved, calling the police, getting to a safe location, and seeking medical attention. Amid all the chaos, it may not occur to you to take photos of the accident, but it may be more important than you realize.

If you are badly injured or in pain, ask someone else to take photos. If you are able to take photos yourself, take as many as you can without interfering with the investigation or the police.

Photos Used as Evidence

Photos from the scene of the accident and surrounding areas can be used as evidence to prove the cause of the accident, what factors played a role, and the extent of damages that each person suffered as a result of the crash.

Don’t rely on your memory to do all the work, especially after an accident. You may be in shock or have adrenaline pumping through your body that will make it difficult to remember things as clearly as they happened. Plus, photos are more unrefutable pieces of evidence than a statement you make following the collision.

What Photos to Take

The more photos you take, the better. Something you may deem as insignificant, such as a road skid or a smashed stop sign, can help paint a larger photo of how exactly the accident occurred. Here are some best pieces of evidence to capture after a car crash:

  • Property damage to all vehicles involved

  • Damage to other roadways or property

  • Skid marks and road debris

  • Your injuries

  • Nearby traffic signs

  • License plate numbers

  • Videos of the surrounding scene

Ultimately, car accident photos can help build a successful claim and help you obtain the full compensation you are entitled to receive. If you were injured in an accident caused by another driver, you need seasoned legal representation. Our attorneys understand the importance of photos and how to best present evidence to the insurance company to ensure you obtain a full financial recovery.

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