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$250k Settlement for Client Hurt in Foggy Night Truck Crash


Our Waco truck accident attorneys from the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. were able to close a truck accident case with a $250,000 settlement. Taking a case to court is not always beneficial, as it can slow everything down and get expensive. We and our client, a man named Daniel, are quite happy with this settlement offer that will help him get his finances and life back.

A Bad Crash on a Foggy Night

On one of the darkest and foggiest December nights in recent memory, a truck driver was hauling an oversized trailer. The trucker tried to do a U-turn in a crossover lane but got the tires stuck in the mud. In that position, every lane of traffic was blocked. Despite the obvious dangers, the trucker did not switch on emergency lights and the truck did not have reflective triangles facing either direction of traffic.

Meanwhile, Daniel was driving cautiously through the fog in a passenger vehicle. When the truck emerged from the fog in front of him, there was little time to react. He slammed the brakes while trying to duck down into the vehicle as much as possible. Within seconds, the smaller vehicle crashed into and under the oversized trailer. The entire roof of Daniel’s car was sheered off and he suffered serious injuries. Extensive medical attention was required to help him recover from his wounds.

Since Daniel’s medical costs were so steep and he was in no mood to prolong the situation further, we knew that we could help our client by getting a good settlement. We worked closely with the responding insurance companies to make it clear just how much his life and wellbeing had been impacted due to the trucker’s mistakes. They ultimately agreed to a $250,000 settlement, which left $121,000 to Daniel after all medical, legal, and court fees were paid.

Anyone who lives in the greater Waco area and who needs legal counsel after a truck accident can count on the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. for representation. We help all sorts of clients every year, treating each case as if we were representing ourselves. Contact to get more information.