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Foggy Truck Accident Ends in $250K Settlement for Injured Client


The Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. in Austin was able to close a settlement offer for a truck accident client. After careful deliberation, we were able to secure $250,000 in a settlement, which means the amount is locked in and cannot be challenged in an appeal.

Details of the Foggy Truck Accident Claim

On a dark, foggy December night, a freightliner towing an oversized trailer attempted a U-turn in a crossover lane, leaving the trailer entangled in mud. All lanes of travel were blocked by the trailer. At no point did the trucker turn on the vehicle’s emergency signals nor were triangles showing to potential oncoming traffic.

Unaware of the dangers that lay ahead, our client, Daniel, drove his small vehicle at a cautious speed through the fog. Unfortunately, by the time the truck could be seen through the fog, it was too late. The only action Daniel could take was to slam on the brakes and duck into the center of the vehicle. Unable to stop, the small vehicle skidded directly into and underneath the trailer, tearing the roof of the vehicle completely off.

Daniel suffered serious injuries that required extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Without needing to drag things into the courtroom, which can be quite expensive, our Austin truck accident attorneys settled the claim for $250,000. After medical bills, legal fees, and other expenses were paid, $121,000 remained in Daniel’s pocket for his future comfort and care. All in all, this is a great victory for our client, and we were honored to get the chance to do right by him.

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