What If Poor Road Conditions Caused My Accident?

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Road Hazards May Increase Accident Risk

For even the most experienced driver, unexpected hazardous conditions on roads can be difficult to navigate and may increase the risk of severe collisions. While every driver should understand the importance of defensive driving and using safe speeds to avoid crashes, it's important to note that excellent driving skills cannot prevent every collision caused by roadway hazards.

When this is the case, who assumes liability? Read on to learn about what entities may be held responsible for crashes impacted by roadway conditions.

What Counts as Third-Party Liability?

When inherently unsafe road conditions cause crashes, a third party may assume some responsibility for the collision if it's found that their negligence played a role. For example, unsafe and improperly marked construction areas or debris left behind by crew members falling into the roadway may make the construction company or contractor liable for an accident.

Additionally, poorly placed or missing signs may pose a significant risk to drivers. If a stop sign or emergency signage is missing from an area and a collision is caused as a result, the city may be responsible.

Common Examples of Poor Road Conditions

Some of the most common roadway conditions that may become hazardous include:

  • Drop-offs
  • Missing center lines or markings
  • Damaged or missing signs
  • Lane shifts
  • Debris or animals in the roadway

It's important to note that while potholes are some of the most common hazardous road conditions, Texas law states that cities are not responsible for damages caused by them. Drivers are cautioned to remain alert to changing road conditions and to drive at a reasonable speed that may make these and other hazards easier to handle.

Texas Car Accident Attorneys

The never-ending construction of I-35 has caused significant strain on drivers across Texas and contributed to dozens of accidents over the years. Our Waco attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover damages for injuries caused by negligent individuals, even if that means going up against corporations or municipalities.

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