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Attorney Vic Feazell Represents Mother Whose Toddler Died in Texas CPS Care


Attorney Vic Feazell of the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. is representing the mother of a child who died while in the custody of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), sometimes called Child Protective Services (CPS) or Family Protective Services. Two-year-old Panache Petry was in the care of Garden of Hope Foster Care Center for two months when he died from COVID-19 complications, an autopsy would reveal. When he was taken from his mother, Leah Joseph, because she was a suspected- recreational marijuana user, he was a happy, healthy toddler.

Through his investigations, Attorney Feazell was able to uncover that Garden of Hope Foster Care Center had been issued two strikes for inadequate supervision of children only weeks before the toddler’s death. Staff members frequently neglected the children there, such as failing to feed them regular meals or not changing soiled diapers. Statements from Leah’s other children who spent time at the center back up Attorney Feazell’s findings. The other children were able to return home after the Department of Family Protective Services closed the investigation against Leah soon after young Panache passed away.

Although the case is still in the discovery process, Attorney Vic Feazell is determined to get answers, justice, and compensation for Leah and her family. Not only does he have serious questions about the conditions in the Garden of Hope Foster Care Center, but he also questions the legality of taking Leah’s children in the first place. A spokesperson for the CPS stated that accusations of marijuana use alone do not establish grounds for removing a child from their home, and that evidence of harmful negligence or abuse must also be present. Nothing suggests such proof exists.

A settlement demand letter has been sent by the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. to Garden of Hope. The compensation demanded would account for various damages caused by the toddler’s untimely death caused by CPS neglect, including emotional trauma and suffering. At this time, the HSS and Garden of Hope have been less than cooperative, but Attorney Feazell won’t back down.

Learn more about this unfolding case by reading a full article from ABC 10 KWTX News (click here). If you need legal help or want to know more about Attorney Vic Feazell and his legal team, please contact us online at any time. Thank you.