This is a 30-year-old, bogus sanction that resulted in me winning the largest libel verdict in US history and being included in the Guinness Book of World Records. This sanction should not be on the AVVO or State Bar websites.

For a better understanding of the circumstances and events surrounding this “sanction,” please watch “The Confession Killer” on Netflix. I am introduced toward the end of Episode 2 and I’m featured throughout the remainder of the series. For more information and background, please listen to my podcast, “The Vic Feazell Show,” available on any podcast platform, or find it on my personal website along with supporting documentation.

I was the Elected District Attorney in Waco during the 1980s. I presided over and was the driving force behind the Grand Jury that proved the Texas Rangers were lying to the public and to the criminal justice system about a drifter named Henry Lee Lucas being a serial killer. They claimed he killed over 300 people, but he didn’t, and they knew it. What I did embarrassed a lot of powerful people; then they got angry.

The Texas Rangers retaliated against me, publicly arrested me on TV, and tried to remove me from office. I was facing 80 years in prison. But I won reelection as DA while still under indictment, and I was found Not Guilty of all charges by a Federal Jury. After the verdict, some jurors told the press it was obvious the government had tried to frame me.

The Rangers couldn’t stand that I was found Not Guilty of their fraudulent criminal charges, so they prevailed on some of their friends with the District 8 Grievance Committee to go after my law license, on the very same charges I had already been found Not Guilty of.

After the criminal trial, I was exhausted and financially broke. I knew the grievance committee could not win at trial, but my resources were limited, and I had already filed a libel suit against the wrong doers who didn’t have governmental immunity. I needed to be working on that instead. So, I worked out a deal with the District 8 Grievance Committee for a two-year probated suspension. I served it successfully while trying murder cases as DA and also preparing for the libel case.

In a criminal case, the government has the burden of proof. In a civil case, the plaintiff does. In the libel case, I took the burden of proof upon myself and proved everything the Texas Rangers and the District 8 Grievance Committee said about me was false. I proved it; and I had to prove it was done with Malice because I was a public official.

The jury found in my favor and awarded the largest libel verdict in US history - 58 Million Dollars. The verdict was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. I have never had any sanctions against my license, other than the bogus one addressed here, and I proved to two juries that it was a lie.

A search of YouTube for “The Arrest of District Attorney Vic Feazell” will reveal several videos of me being arrested. I’m in handcuffs. I raise my thumbs defiantly and say to the cameras, “You know what’s going on here, and I’ll still be proven right.”

I was proven right by two juries, and I’m still being proven right today by DNA analysis of old murder evidence. Murders Henry Lee Lucas was coerced into confessing to by the Texas Rangers are now being solved and, in some cases, the real murderer arrested and prosecuted. This is what “The Confession Killer” is about.

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