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Attorney Vic Feazell Discusses Netflix’s “The Confession Killer”

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Attorney Vic Feazell, founder of the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C., discusses the Netflix true-crime docuseries, The Confession Killer, on a recent episode of his popular podcast titled “The Vic Feazell Show.” Attorney Feazell’s podcast details the events surrounding the infamous criminal investigations surrounding alleged mass-murderer, Henry Lee Lucas, who falsely confessed to hundreds of murders across the United States.

Attorney Feazell was the District Attorney of McLennan County in Waco, Texas during the 1980s when Lucas confessed to numerous murders throughout the country. Consequently, the Texas Rangers established a task force facilitating the closure of several homicide and missing persons cases, using confessions from Lucas--three of which were in McLennan County. District Attorney Feazell noticed suspicious discrepancies with Lucas' confessions to the three McLennan County cases and subsequently launched an investigation into Lucas' claims.

Attorney Feazell's investigation exposed the fact that Lucas falsely confessed to many of the crimes the Texas Rangers' task force helped close. What followed is an incredible tale of police malfeasance in an unprecedented case of miscarried justice. Attorney Feazell became the target of a retaliatory scheme of intimidation to place him in public disrepute.

Netflix’s The Confession Killer is a five-episode documentary series recounting the police misconduct that pervaded Lucas’ case. The conflict between Attorney Feazell and the Texas Rangers became a central point in the second and third episodes of the series, detailing how local Texas news station WFAA-TV broadcasted its own series of “investigative” news episodes, falsely claiming that Attorney Feazell took bribes during his tenure as District Attorney for McClennan County.

Although Feazell was ultimately exonerated for these claims—winning a record-setting $58 million libel jury verdict against WFAA-TV—the experience caused him to become disillusioned with government politics, and he resigned as District Attorney for McClennan County shortly after.

In his podcast, Vic Feazell discusses The Confession Killer's portrayal of the Henry Lucas hoax, providing supplementary commentary on matters the docuseries didn’t cover. Vic’s podcast sheds light on his perspective regarding the details of this astonishing story, expanding on important issues and letting listeners in on his opinions about how the series portrayed his side of the story as well as what Hollywood actor he would pick to portray him in a feature film about these events.

Check out this Episode 33: Netflix “The Confession Killer” Series Reaction of The Vic Feazell Show. For more episodes of Attorney Feazell's podcast, please visit

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