Who’s Covered Under My Policy in an Accident?

When you’re involved in a car accident, your own safety and welling may not be the only thing on your mind. There may be other people injured in the accident, whether it be passengers in the other vehicles or your own. In other cases, your family member may have been injured while driving your car.


Below, we discuss who may be covered by your Texas insurance policy in situations like these.

Determining Who Is Covered

Most insurance policies cover you, your family, and people driving your car with permission. This means that, if your family member is driving your car and injured in a car accident, they will probably be covered by your insurance.


Some policies, called driver policies, won’t cover family members or people that live with you automatically. Instead, you will have to list to the insurance company the names of the family members you want covered under your policy.


You can ask your insurance agent or read your policy to confirm who exactly your policy covers.

Insurance Follows the Vehicle

Many people are under the impression that a driver’s car insurance will cover them if they are injured driving another person’s vehicle. This is false.


In Texas, insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. This means that, if someone drives your car and gets into an accident, you may very well be the one paying the deductible and facing higher premiums. If you lend your car to someone, make sure it is someone with a clean driving record and someone who you trust will drive with the utmost vigilance.

Injured in a Car Accident?

If you or your family members are injured in a car crash, remember that the Law Offices of Vic Feazell is here to protect your rights. We will work hard to determine liability in your accident and what your insurance policy covers so that you and your family receive the compensation needed to heal.


Contact our firm at (254) 938-6885 to schedule your free case review with one of our Austin personal injury attorneys.

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