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What If I’m Injured Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle?


If you’ve been injured while you were driving someone else’s vehicle, you probably have questions about how to proceed.


Read on to learn what you should do next.

The Details

If you were driving someone else’s car and were injured in an accident, you most likely won’t be stuck with your own medical bills.


As long as the person whose car you were driving has insurance, you may file a claim under their policy. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), the owner of the vehicle’s insurance would be the primary policy to cover the accident.


If you’re the one at fault for the crash, the owner of the vehicle’s auto insurance liability coverage could help pay for the other driver involved in the accident’s medical bills or property damage. However, liability coverage will not pay for your medical bills or repairs to the vehicle.


If the vehicle owner has collision coverage, you may be able to recoup some of your losses through their policy. However, the vehicle owner will need to pay their deductible as a result.


It’s important to have the car owner read up on the specifics of their policy before you drive their vehicle because their policy may not cover any part of the accident at all. In fact, some policies don’t cover any drivers other than those specifically listed on the policy.


Other policies may limit the coverage provided to drivers other than the vehicle owner. Be sure the vehicle owner contacts their insurance agent with any other questions about what their particular policy covers.

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