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Tips for Returning to Work After a Car Accident

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After an accident, you may think you can return to work as soon as you start feeling better. However, going back to work before your doctor’s recommendations can worsen your current injuries or put you at a greater risk of sustaining a new one on the job.

When you can actually return to work will depend on your injuries, treatment plan, and doctor’s recommendations. Once you get approval from your doctor to return to work, there are steps you can take to ensure that you continue feeling healthy and stay safe.

Follow Up With Your Doctor’s Appointments

Even if you are feeling a little better each day, your scheduled doctor’s appointments are still very important. You must follow your doctor’s ongoing treatment plans and recommendations for two reasons.

Firstly, your health and wellness is a top priority. Your doctor is a medical expert and following their treatment plan will help you on your road to recovery. Secondly, you must follow your doctor’s orders to show the insurance company that you are taking proactive steps to get better. If you do not follow medical advice, they may claim that you are purposefully trying not to heal and may try to deny your injury claim.

Document Any Symptoms You Are Experiencing

It’s a good idea to record how you are feeling before you begin work each day, periodically throughout the course of your shift, and after you finish work. When you return to your doctor, you can relay your notes to them and they can have a better understanding of your symptoms and whether your injury is getting better or worsening due to work duties.

This includes both physical and emotional/mental problems you may be having. Some accident victims experience PTSD or other emotional distress after being injured. If this is the case for you, documenting your emotional symptoms can ensure you receive the help you need as well as compensation for possible emotional damages.

Don’t Go Back Before You’re Ready

Do not push yourself too hard when you’re going back to work after an injury. You may not entirely be healed yet, so it’s better to give your body a rest for a period of time after you think you’re fully recovered. Make sure to communicate your limits to your boss or supervisor so they can ensure that you don’t push yourself past your physical limits.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

You should not feel rushed to go back to work just because you need to pay for your medical expenses and other bills. If your accident was caused by another person, you are entitled to compensation for any lost wages you may have during the recovery process. Additionally, if your injury prevents you from doing the job you did prior to the accident, you can pursue compensation for lost earning capacity.

The insurance company may try to offer you a lowball settlement that does not entirely cover your damages. Because of this, it’s imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney who can assess your situation accurately and fight hard for your maximum compensation. This way, you can financially recover from any lost wages you may incur.

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