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3 Ways To Honor Brain Injury Awareness Month


In case you haven’t heard, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! This annual campaign provides an opportunity to bring attention to the prevalence of, prevention of, and treatments available for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Additionally, many use this time to reduce the stigma around TBIs and learn about the lives of those affected by these injuries.

At the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, we recognize that small actions by many individuals have the power to make an everlasting change. To do our part in raising awareness for this campaign, we want to provide some simple yet effective ways that everyone can honor Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Spread Knowledge

One of the easiest ways that you can raise awareness during this time is to increase your knowledge about TBI and then teach others about it, too. Here are some relevant statistics and pieces of information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that may be insightful:

  • Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S.
  • Nearly 2.8 million people sustain TBIs every year.
  • Falls, motor vehicle accidents, and blows to the head are the leading causes of TBI.
  • Falls are the leading cause of TBI-related emergency room visits for those aged 0-17 and adults 55 years or older.

Volunteer or Donate

There is always a need for volunteers! Find a local organization or healthcare agency where you can volunteer to learn firsthand about the treatments available for those with TBIs.

Additionally, you can go online and research nonprofits and other organizations that you can donate money to, such as the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). Funds raised through donations support advancements toward brain injury treatments, research, and education. If you don’t have the financial means to donate yourself, you can also hold a fundraising event.

Listen To Someone’s Story

Chances are that you know someone who has been affected by TBI in your life. One of the most powerful ways to learn more about TBI is to listen to someone’s story, whether it be a brain injury survivor or an individual who is a caregiver of someone with TBI. By hearing someone share their experiences, you can start to understand how TBI affects many real people.

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