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Will Autonomous Vehicles Increase Distracted ‘Driving’?

woman sitting in the driver's seat of a car on the highway, AI-related symbols are floating around and it says "Self-driving." The woman is reading a textbook and not looking at the road.

The new wave of innovation is causing more and more autonomous or “self-driving” vehicles to be on the roadways. While these have been praised by governmental organizations and other entities for providing safety improvements and reducing human error on the highway, several questions about distracted driving remain.

Can Distracted Driving Really Occur When It Is Technically a Human Error?

“Influencers” and other notable figures in popular culture have posted about their autonomous vehicles online, showcasing themselves playing on their phones, eating and drinking, or otherwise not having their hands on the wheel. Although this seems fine considering the vehicle itself is driving, several cases (like the infamous one involving Uber) have shown flaws in artificial intelligence, or AI, that require human intervention.

With their well-known “Autopilot” feature, Tesla has even gone so far as to alert drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and apply pressure periodically. While this does serve to remind drivers that their attention still needs to be on driving, many do not realize the importance of doing so for accident liability purposes.

Autonomous Vehicles and Accident Liability

Determining who should be held responsible if a self-driving vehicle is involved in a collision may seem like a loophole. However, it's important to know that both the human driver and the vehicle manufacturer could be held liable. This is because the human driver is still responsible for acting how a “reasonable person” would when on the roadways, which includes eliminating distractions and doing everything in their power to avoid a collision.

It is important to remember that just because your vehicle has self-driving features does not mean that it is completely autonomous. As the vehicle owner, you still have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road.

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