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Can an Employer Be Held Liable if An Employee Drives Drunk?

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Understanding Texas Social Host Liability Laws

When most people think of social host liability, they think of parents being held liable for hosting a party where minors were served alcohol. However, social host liability can apply in a variety of situations, including company holiday parties. This blog will discuss the basics of social host liability as it applies to company holiday parties and what companies need to be aware of when planning such an event.

What is Social Host Liability?

In Texas, social host liability is the legal responsibility that a host can be held accountable for as a result of the damages caused by their guests. This can include incidents that cause property damage, personal injury, or even death. The law is designed to hold people responsible for their actions and to ensure that victims are compensated for their losses.

How Does Social Host Liability Apply to Company Holiday Parties?

There are a few ways that social host liability can come into play with company holiday parties. First, if the party is held at the company's office or another workplace, the company may be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur as a result of the party. This is because the company is considered the 'host' of the party and is responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe.

Another way social host liability can come into play is if the company provides alcohol at the party. If an employee becomes intoxicated at the party and then injures themselves or someone else, the company may be held liable. This is because the company provided the alcohol and should have known that it would be consumed at the party.

Is an Employer Responsible for an Employee's DUI Crash?

An employer may be held responsible for an employee's DUI crash. If the employer knew or should have known that the employee was intoxicated and allowed them to drive, the employer can be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of the employee's actions.

Texas Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

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