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Law Offices of Vic Feazell Secures Confidential Settlement for Dog Bite Client


The Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. was able to recently close a dog bite claim for a woman who was seriously injured while visiting her friend and his dog. Details of this case have been omitted to keep with confidentiality for legal and privacy reasons.

Our client was visiting a friend when they decided to go for a walk with his dog. Despite knowing of the dog’s behavioral issues and vicious propensities, our client’s friend insisted that she pet the dog. When she leaned over to pet the dog, it lunged for her and bit her face. The injuries to her face and eye were gruesome and severe. She had to see multiple specialists and have surgery to address the scarring left by the injuries.

With consistent pressure from our team, and despite an assertion from the other side that no money was owed to our client because her friend had taken care of the medical bills, we were able to secure a sizeable settlement amount for our client. The physical and mental scars of the attack will last forever, but through our efforts, we were able to bring her some peace of mind to help her move past this traumatizing experience.

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