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Attorney Vic Feazell Warns Parents About the 100 Deadly Days of Summer


Attorney Vic Feazell of the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. genuinely cares about the people throughout his communities, which is why he recently released a public service announcement about the 100 Deadly Days of Summer.

Each year, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day see an inordinate increase in fatalities among teenage drivers. During this time, there are thousands of teenage drivers on the road who just got their driver’s license and who want to use them while out of school for the summer. Unfortunately, most of these new drivers still have rudimentary driving skills and do not fully comprehend the dangers of speedingdrunk driving, and texting-and-driving. Many young drivers and passengers might also feel pressured to not wear their seatbelt because it is “uncool,” which puts them at extreme risk of a catastrophic or fatal injury in a crash.

The 100 Deadly Days of Summer are so dangerous for teenage drivers, more than 250 teenage drivers will die in preventable accidents during each summer month.

Preventing Teenage Driving Fatalities During the Summer

In the PSA, Vic urges parents to take the initiative to form a commitment between themselves and their teenage drivers, one that focuses on safety and responsibility behind the wheel.

The commitment should involve these three tenants of safe driving:

  • Always use a seatbelt
  • Never drink and drive
  • Never pick up a cellphone while driving

To solidify the commitment, parents should look their teen in the eye and ask for a promise. This extra step will reinforce the importance of the commitment and what it represents. It will also help the teen associate the promise to drive safely with their parents’ expectations, and how devastating it will be to their parents if they drive unsafely and cause an accident.

If you would like to watch the brief PSA, please click here to load the video on YouTube. If you need Vic’s help with a teenage car accident claim in Waco, then please call our firm at today.