How Do I File a Suit for a Dog Attack?

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Dog attacks have increased over the last year in Waco and surrounding areas, and victims who suffer from significant injuries should know that they have a right to pursue a claim. If you've been attacked by a dog and suffered harm, read on to learn how you can seek justice against a negligent dog owner.

Steps to Take After a Dog Attack

Texas law requires that dog bite claims be filed within two years of the incident, so time is of the essence in these cases. By working with an attorney, you can better understand the recommended timeline for your claim and which steps in the process are necessary to take. Before beginning this process, an attorney may advise you to:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately following the incident so the damages are accurately assessed.
  • Take photos or videos of your injuries.
  • Document the treatment needed and accrued/potential future costs.

Because of the “one bite rule” in Texas, your attorney may also seek to find evidence that points to the dog being knowingly aggressive or the owner being negligent in restraining it. This can be a complicated aspect of any dog bite case, so working with an attorney who is experienced in this practice area is crucial.

Law Offices Of Vic Feazell, P.C. Can Help

Attorney Vic Feazell and the team at Law Offices Of Vic Feazell, P.C. have extensive experience in helping dog attack victims recover damages. Most recently, our team took on a case where a Waco woman was attacked by a pack of dogs at an RV park. You can learn more about this incident by reading this article.

If you've suffered harm because of a negligent dog owner, call (254) 938-6885 or fill out this short form to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with a member of our team.

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