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Pedestrian Safety in Road Work Construction Zones


Many pedestrians are familiar with their routes. Between going to the office, restaurants, stores, school, or back home, they may rarely encounter a disturbance in their everyday travels on foot. But this familiarity can cause problems when these pedestrians find themselves with a construction zone in their paths.

The Dangers of Construction Zones

There are many hazards that lurk in construction zones, and pedestrians are at an increased risk of injury when traveling through them because they don’t have an outer protective layer (like vehicle occupants) and may not know when danger is about to hit.

Some of the most common dangers for pedestrians in construction zones include:

  • Falling objects. Objects of any size can be extremely dangerous hazards for pedestrians when dropped from heights, and falling debris such as nails, tools, construction materials, or rocks can lead to severe or fatal injuries.
  • Heavy machinery. Operators of earthmoving equipment like bulldozers and excavators may have difficulty seeing individual pedestrians and hearing commands or verbal warnings.
  • Uneven walkways. Construction sites often deter pedestrian walkways by building temporary detours, which may be uneven surfaces; additionally, a sidewalk that is broken, cracked, or partially removed may be present in construction areas,
  • Slippery surfaces. Muddy or wet construction zones can lead to slip-and-fall accidents for pedestrians.
  • Other vehicles. Vehicles that are passing through the construction zone pose a risk to pedestrians if drivers misinterpret certain road signs.

Knowing What To Look Out For

Avoiding a construction zone altogether is obviously the safest option, but we know that avoidance is not always possible. If you need to pass through a construction site on foot, here are some safety tips that you can utilize to reduce your risk of accidents and injuries:

  • Keep your eye out for posted warning signs. Keep your distance from anything that could pose a risk to your safety; make sure to look for temporary barriers and signs that let you know where to go.
  • Watch your step. Always glance down as you walk so that you avoid any potential slips.
  • Make sure equipment operators can see you. As you pass a heavy piece of machinery, make sure that the operator can see you by making eye contact before continuing on.
  • Get through quickly. It’s natural to let your mind wander at curiosity while walking through a construction zone, but it’s important that you focus on being cautious, avoid cutting corners, and get through the site quickly.

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident as a pedestrian, you deserve justice for what you have experienced. While no amount of compensation may negate how much your life has been impacted, our firm believes in holding responsible parties accountable for their actions.

We are more than ready to stand in your corner throughout the entire legal process so that you can focus on healing the right way.

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