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How Do Texas’ Dram Shop Laws Affect Drunk Driving Cases?

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Determining Liability in Drunk Driving Cases

Drunk driving has remained a significant issue on Texas roads over the last few years, averaging 26,590 crashes from 2017-2020. Among these, approximately 39% resulted in injury or death. While it's apparent that the impaired individual assumes responsibility for the damages they cause, other parties may be held liable for any incidents under the Texas Dram Shop Laws.

What are Dram Shop Laws?

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Ch. 2 outlines the liability of alcohol retailers and bars. In this chapter, alcohol providers assume the responsibility of ensuring that someone they are serving is not intoxicated to the point where they could endanger themselves or others. If an intoxicated individual causes damages to another, the provider may be held liable under this law.

Social Host Responsibility

Furthermore, these laws extend to anyone who provides alcohol to a minor or someone over 21 years old under what is known as “social host liability.” For example, if a minor attends a party, becomes intoxicated, and causes a car crash, whoever provided the alcohol to the minor may be held liable.

What Damages Can Be Recovered?

Because there may be multiple parties held liable for drunk driving accidents under these dram shop and social host liability laws, defendants may be eligible to seek compensation from all parties. Damages that may be recovered in these instances include:

  • Current and future medical expenses related to the accident
  • Current and future lost wages related to the accident
  • Funeral and burial expenses if applicable

To find out which entities may be held responsible in your claim, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

Pursuing Justice in Your Drunk Driving Accident Case

Drunk driving is reckless and often leaves crash victims with significant injuries. Individuals who suffer harm at the hands of a drunk driver should know that they have a right to pursue compensation.

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