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Esquire Magazine Interviews Attorney Feazell About Role in The Confession Killer


In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Attorney Vic Feazell explained his role in the series, The Confession Killer, available on Netflix on December 6th. The series will directly contradict the depiction of Henry Lucas in the cult film, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

In 2001, Lucas died in prison due to congestive heart failure, but his reputation as the killer of nearly 600 people endures today. After allegedly killing his mother in 1960 and subsequently serving 10 years in prison, Lucas confessed to hundreds of other murders. A Texas Rangers task force began closing case after case of unsolved murders, but some skeptics began to point out conflicting evidence, such as records of Lucas being in a different state at the time of murders he said he committed. Texas Rangers, however, paid no head to this growing issue.

Along with families of victims and a handful of journalists, Attorney Feazell couldn’t accept the convenience of this sweeping case closure. When Lucas confessed to murders in Feazell’s county, the attorney had the opportunity to benefit from the highly publicized win, but he felt he needed to do the right thing and get to the bottom of the murders. He and multiple investigators began a concentrated effort to examine Lucas’s stories, but the national criminal database barred them from entry—a highly unusual and likely purposeful attempt to prevent lawful access to data.

The Confession Killer will hopefully encourage law enforcement to reexamine closed cases. While Lucas’s fate can no longer be changed, the real killers of hundreds of people may still be at large, and Attorney Feazell sees this as a true and unacceptable obstruction of justice.

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