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Attorney Vic Feazell Featured in Netflix True Crime Docuseries

Attorney Vic Feazell Featured On Netflix Documentary

In the 1980s, a confirmed killer confessed to the murders of nearly 600 people. As the police closed more and more cases, the situation began to unravel. The new Netflix docuseries, “The Confession Killer,” explores the false confessions of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and questions the efficacy of the U.S. justice system. The series is set to stream on Dec. 6.

To help answer the question, “how could the police be duped so badly?” the documentary features our nationally renowned founding attorney, Vic Feazell, who served as the McLennan County District Attorney at the time of Lucas’ confessions. Mr. Feazell is one of several experts who discuss Lucas’ case and reveal the riveting story of how he rose to infamy after confessing to hundreds of unsolved murders. Feazell is notable for being one of the first professionals to question the validity of the investigation. Along with Attorney General Jim Mattox, Feazell disproved many of Lucas’ confessions with “The Lucas Report,” a document passed around to national law enforcement agencies.

After he questioned the validity of the Lucas investigation, Feazell was investigated himself and ultimately arrested. After being found not guilty, Feazell won the largest libel verdict in United States history.

The Impact

Above all, Feazell’s new docuseries examines the truth of the “greatest hoax in law enforcement history” and its lasting, horrifying consequences. According to the official trailer, 197 murder cases were closed during the Lucas investigation when they should have remained open. Filmmakers affirm:

If we were to take a conservative estimate, 70 to 100 cases are still crediting Lucas for the crime, whether formally or informally. Probably 160 or 170 were never re-investigated, which is an incredible number.”

Lucas’ bizarre friendship with the police may have caused countless killers to go free. Every day, investigators rewarded Lucas with hamburgers, milkshakes, and the opportunity to walk around without handcuffs. The charismatic man confessed to every unsolved murder put before him and quickly rose to stardom.

The docuseries is directed by Robert Kenner, whose 2008 documentary, Food Inc., was nominated for both Oscars and Emmys. Speaking about his latest project, Kenner explained:

It’s more than a serial killer’s story. It’s really a psychological drama. That’s what drew me to it so strongly.”

To date, nearly 30 murders Lucas confessed to have been solved using DNA comparison, including the one that first caught Feazell’s attention.

Our firm and the filmmakers hope that the series will encourage law enforcement to reopen and re-examine the cases compromised by the Lucas confessions, uncovering the truth for victims’ families.

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Be sure to watch “The Confession Killer” when it airs on Dec. 6, 2019. Vic Feazell brings all the principles you will see on the show directly to his legal practice.

He uses his experience, tenacity for justice, and willingness to do what’s right in all the personal injury claims he handles, including those involving slip & falls, dog bites, 18-wheeler accidents, and more.

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