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Why Are Texas Cities Ranked Low in Bikeability?

bicycle lane next to a highway

Analyzing the City and State “Bike-Friendly” Scores

A 2021 report assessing different bicycle-related trends and factors has ranked only two Texas cities in the top 100 places for “bikeability.” At 87 and 99 respectively, San Antonio and McAllen have higher rankings across four main categories—access, community, safety, and climate—than any other city in the state.

How Does This Compare to State Rankings?

Despite college towns and other major metros implementing new measures like improving infrastructure to be more bike-friendly, Texas overall has lacked in several areas. The League of American Bicyclists' 2019 ranking places the Lone Star State at 27, citing a lack of “Bicycle Friendly Actions” and low scores in the five main categories they observe:

  • Infrastructure and funding
  • Education and encouragement
  • Legislation and enforcement
  • Policies and programs
  • Evaluation and planning

Likewise, Texas is ranked 39th in terms of safety with 16.7 fatalities per 10,000 commuters, 40th in spending per capita on bicyclist and pedestrian programs, and 41st in ridership with less than 0.3% of people commuting to work via bike. Furthermore, the state received a failing grade from the organization for not having laws that specify protections for cyclists and pedestrians.

How Can These Scores Be Improved?

Along with sending a report card to each state with highlights of what they are doing correctly to be more bike-friendly, the League of American Bicyclists also provides suggestions for improvement. In partnership with BikeTexas (the state's advocacy group), the primary suggestions are as follows:

  • Add bicycle safety as an emphasis area in the state's highway safety plan
  • Invest more in “active” transportation to promote community health and wellness
  • Dedicate some of the state funds towards bicycle and pedestrian programs
  • Implement a statewide safe passing law (several cities currently have their own versions)

As the bicycling surge continues throughout the country, states are encouraged to implement measures to keep all road users safe.

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