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The Vic Feazell Method: A New Approach To Injury Claims & Cases


There are a lot of personal injury law firms in Texas. But there is only one Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. and our innovative Vic Feazell Method, which was, of course, developed by Attorney Vic Feazell. The Vic Feazell Method is our unique approach to cases and team management, as well as our team’s overall mindset and spirit. While other law firms surely have their own approaches, we are confident that they aren’t as quick, developed, and personalized as The Vic Feazell Method.

Always Taking the Initiative

Without oversharing too much about what makes The Vic Feazell Method so impressive, we can tell you that being front-footed and acting before anyone else would even know what to do is a big part of it. We won’t wait a week for a phone call from the opposition’s legal counsel or a doctor who is being looped into the case to provide medical records. We are calling them again, knocking at their door, emailing them, and bugging them to take action. We are always moving the ball forward because our clients’ futures are the ones affected if we let other parties act lazily and carelessly.

Storytime: Our paralegal at our Waco law office, Jacklynn, primarily handles all of the medical records related to our client cases. When we did not hear back from a medical clinic soon after inquiring for a copy of our client’s medical records, she hopped in her car, drove down to the medical office herself, and found a note on the door saying to call a separate number for any inquiries related to medical records. We were never informed about this second number. If Jacklynn had not taken the initiative to go see what was wrong so soon after making her initial request, then our client’s case would have been seriously stalled.

See the Vic Feazell Method for Yourself

Describing The Vic Feazell Method in writing cannot do it proper justice. To really understand what makes it so outstanding and effective for our clients’ cases, you need to experience it firsthand.

If you need help with a personal injury claim in Waco, then please call to connect with the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. When you see The Vic Feazell Method for yourself, we know you will want to hire us to represent you.