Pursuing Claims for Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents often cause severe injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, and spinal injuries. Considering the fact that these accidents frequently occur when an individual visits the property of a friend or acquaintance, slip and fall injuries can be difficult to handle.

According to Texas law, property owners are required both to warn guests and visitors of potential dangers on or around their property and to do everything in their power to remove the dangerous conditions in a timely manner. When property owners fail in either regard, dangerous slip and fall accidents can occur.

Examples of Negligent Actions That Can Lead To a Slip and Fall

Many slip and fall claims are determined to be the fault of the property owner who failed to act in a reasonable or responsible fashion. Some negligent actions of property owners that sometimes lead to slip and fall accidents include:

  • Failure to post proper warning signs
  • Failure to promptly correct potentially hazardous conditions
  • Failure to act in a way that a reasonable and responsible property owner should when hosting guests on his or her property

Due to the severity of many of these accidents, victims often pursue legal action against the property owners by seeking compensation for medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

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